Translation services

Hilltop Language provides expert Swedish to English translation across a broad range of subject areas. We specialise in business and finance, but we also work with texts from the public and voluntary sectors, the arts and many other fields. And as language professionals we only translate into our mother tongue.

High-quality translation is a skill that takes many years to master. Between us we have over 20 years’ experience of working with a wide variety of Swedish texts, crafting translations that not only accurately reflect the original but also read like natural English. Researching terminology, finding good reference material and adapting the style of English to the context are all elements of this process.

Swedish to English specialists

Although we know a number of languages, we choose to specialise in Swedish to English translation as it is what we are best at. We believe this focus means better quality translations for our clients. We are native English speakers based in the UK with experience of life in Sweden. This gives us an added insight into Swedish texts while being fully in touch with developments in the English language.

A collaborative approach

Translations benefit from discussion, from bouncing ideas around and a second opinion. It is this kind of added value that Hilltop Language offers – a creative approach, but with an eye for detail. We also review one another’s work for quality assurance and to see how translations can be improved. A collaborative approach also means working together with clients – finding out what the translation will be used for and ensuring consistency with previous material. We treat all documentation sent to us in the strictest confidence.