Editing services

Hilltop Language’s editing services help clients communicate effectively and professionally in English. Our skills draw on our in-house experience at international companies, assisting non-native English speakers in writing financial analyses, press releases and news articles.

What we do

Here are just a few examples of the editing services that Hilltop Language provides:

  • We copyedit complex financial analyses to ensure that the language is clear and accurate.
  • We craft professional press releases that send the right message.
  • We make sure business marketing engages readers¬†and uses the correct industry terminology.
  • We proofread internal company documents for grammar and spelling.

When reviewing a text, we track changes so clients can view our work and come back to us with any questions. Editing is sometimes an ongoing process in which we work together with clients to achieve a final version that fully meets their needs. We, of course, treat all documentation sent to us in the strictest confidence.