About us

Hilltop Language Ltd was founded by Oliver and Louise Dirs on returning to the UK after living in Sweden for nine years. The company is based near Bath in south-west England and provides translation and editing services to businesses, financial institutions and government agencies in both Scandinavia and the UK.

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Oliver worked for 10 years as a translator, editor and writer in the financial sector in Sweden, France and the UK. He has been employed at leading rating agencies, banks and news organisations, mostly in Stockholm. Oliver specialises in translating and editing business and financial texts, including annual reports and equity research, and marketing copy. He has a Master’s degree in Translation Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Russian and French from the University of Leeds. He is an associate member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators.

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Louise worked for eight years as a translator with Stockholm-based companies, where her role also involved writing a daily review of the Swedish press. She also worked for a number of years in the UK voluntary sector as an administrator for well-known charities. Louise translates and edits a wide range of business and marketing texts, as well as material for the non-profit and public sectors, education and the arts. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies from the University of Leeds.

Other service providers

Hilltop Language also occasionally works with a small number of external service providers, primarily with editors who have previously worked with leading financial companies.