Swedish to English translation &
English language editing

Hilltop Language is a small team of talented linguists and writers specialising in Swedish to English translation and English language editing. We help some of Sweden’s most successful companies and organisations to communicate effectively, ensuring their English copy is accurate, professional and engaging for readers.

Why choose Hilltop Language?

  • We are native English speakers based in the UK, but have worked for many years in Sweden.
  • Our professional approach combines more than 35 years of language services to businesses.
  • Our translations and edits read like original, quality pieces of written English.
  • We believe in working closely with clients to achieve the best results.

What clients say about Hilltop Language

  • “Thanks for another great job. Worth its weight in gold!” – Swedish large-cap manufacturer client
  • “Superb and prompt work as always” – translation agency client
  • “An extremely well-crafted text” – translation agency client
  • “Thanks for being so thorough!” – Swedish financial-sector client